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And the craziest thing a fan ever did for me? This one fan let me follow her around while she investigated New York’s strangest homicides. She’s still letting me, and I love her for it. (X)

apparently you don’t love her enough if you have to staged your own kidnapping/death in order not to get married..AHAH LOL..Oh shit i’m crying now …

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HTGAWM Fandom Scarf

I made a fandom scarf for How To Get Away With Murder. If you use it or plan to use it, it would be great if you could reblog/like this post so I can keep a track of it. Don’t forget to give me credit if you do use it. Thanks

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Laurel Castillo in ‘Pilot

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The standout in the class, the ones you should all make it your mission to destroy.

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How to Get Away with Murder + regular cast.

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Jack Falahee as Connor Walsh.
How To Get Away With Murder 1x01.

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Right. So. The way I see it is… we say it was self-defence. And we do that because…well, Gina was suffering from…Stockholm Syndrome. Which is actually quite common in assistants with demanding bosses. The affair was just an example of how far Mr Kaufman’s…brainwashing of Gina went. He…made her fall in love with him. So in this way her…poisoning him was…an act of self-defence. [The class giggles.]

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This is a story about…

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that’s how you get away with murder.

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Children of the wild ones


Where we got left to run?

Killer,killer, killer,killer


We Must Be Killers-Mikki Ekko

How To Get Away With Murder

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Never take a learning opportunity away from another student.

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